Our Projects:

  • To disseminate knowledge of teachings of Christ to the people of our Nation through personalized activity like Bible study, bible distribution and publications using current technologies .
  • To hold and conduct classes, lectures, conferences, retreats, seminars, camps, tours, rallies, open air meetings, crusades, conventions, prayer cells etc.
  • To print, publish and disseminate literature of such nature as to further the purpose of the trust.
  • To encourage teachers and ministers of the Bible working in different levels by supporting them and /or sponsoring them to specific time periods and intervals as deemed appropriate by the Board.
  • To establish educational institutions like schools/colleges for illiterate people dwell in remote area etc., for the assimilation of knowledge irrespective of casts, creed , community , religion or sex.
  • To establish old-age homes, orphanages, worship centers  counseling centers and such other centers.
  • To start any activities to encourage and develop social and economical standards for women, children and the down trodden.
  • To do all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment for the above objectives.